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Box Forming / Packaging Systems

Most of the products used in our everyday lives such as bottles, home appliances and building material are packaged in some form or another. We manufacture various box forming and packaging systems which box or package these products with advanced handling technology.

Various Task Rationalization Devices

Plastic Bag Making and Inserting Machine


This is a unit for automatically inserting poly bags into corrugated cases, plastic containers, etc. The inserted poly bags are automatically made by sealing and cutting the material from a tube web roll.

Automatic Plastic Bag Sealer


With this unit, the top part of the poly bags of boxed product boxes are lifted up and deaired, then the opening is sealed and folded over 3 or 4 times, and finally folded in. Two types are available: With Stickers or No Stickers.

Two-Size Random Type Box Former


In this unit, corrugated sheets of two different sizes (but with same fixed width) are run through. The box size is automatically recognized and the boxes are formed.

Box Sealer


This unit seals corrugated boxes filled with products by tape, hot-melt glue, etc. Since it automatically recognizes box sizes, the unit can seal boxes even on lines where boxes of different sizes are transferred.

Folding Container Assembly Machine


This unit cuts off stacked folding containers and automatically assembles them.

Sheet Supplier


This unit takes out corrugated sheets stacked on pallets one by one and supplies them to the line.

Band Cutter


This unit cuts bands holding the materials and supplies the materials to the next process. Under full automation, bands are cut off, winded in, cut up and discharged.

Uncaser / Gift Box Cartoner


This machine is for placing a designated amount of products in cases. Various automated systems are available for diverse product forms and capacity. We also offer an option in which products are placed automatically by a robot.

Wrap-Around Caser


With this unit, a designated amount of products are collected and supplied onto corrugated sheets, then blank sheets are folded to form the box and finally the box is sealed.

Set Up Caser


This is an integrated, compact unit which performs a series of boxing processes from automatic corrugated box forming, collecting and supplying of products into the box, and sealing.

Kraft Packer


This unit packs collected and stacked cartons with kraft. By using this unit, it is possible to dramatically reduce material cost.

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