Product Information

Image Processing Systems

We have developed an original unique image processing technology which reproduces human vision and sensibility. This system is used for a wide range of purposes in various product inspections.

List of Various Task Rationalization Devices

Chicken Tender Cutting Position Setting Inspection System

sample sample

With this unit, smoked chicken tender pieces are inspected using image processing to determine the appropriate cutting position.

Foreign Matter Inspection System


This unit detects whether or not foreign matters have mixed into products using a high precision camera.

Timber Inspection System

sample sample

With this unit, cross-sections of timber are inspected by a CCD camera for front/back discrimination. This unit largely contributes to manpower/labor-saving at production lines.

Fruit / Vegetable Appearance Inspection System


This system inspects the appearance of various fruits and vegetables by high precision color image processing. In no time, the size, color, shape and level of blemishes are determined and the produce is sorted. By enhancing product uniformity with this system, consumer confidence can be obtained. The system also contributes to assisting cultivation activities by feeding back produce sorting data.

Image Processing Root Cutting System


With this system, roots and leaves of green onions are cut off at an optimal position using image processing with a high precision camera./p>

X-Ray Internal Inspection System


This system sorts produce after inspecting the internal condition using safe soft X-ray and high precision camera. The system can also be applied for assessing the internal quality of food.

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