Product Information

Distribution Packing Systems

Various efforts are made for the packing of products to transport them safely and surely. By manufacturing a variety of distribution packing systems for products of diverse forms, we are contributing to the reduction in manpower at plants.

List of Various Task Rationalization Devices

Robot Type Depalletizer / Uncaser


A robot takes out cases stacked on pallets and then takes out bottles from the case to supply to the conveyor.

Packaging Line with Paper Dust Removal Function


This is a packaging line that includes a corrugated box cleaner with a paper dust removal function which is set up in between the box former and the “Poly-inserter.”

Small Bag Product Packaging Line


This one-stop line performs a series of tasks from box forming, plastic bag insertion, small bag product boxing, box sealing, pallet stacking and stretch packaging.

Outer Bagging Machine


This unit covers stacked Styrofoam blocks with film and seals the film.

Up/Down Unit


This unit is for transferring work at the packaging line by moving it up/down for various purposes including avoiding equipment crossing and securing of passage ways.

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