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Information Management Systems

There are great expectations on the role the sorting facility plays in sorting and packaging within the process of transferring produce from grower to consumer. Consumer needs are changing; in addition to “safety”, “freshness” and “tastiness,” a system that demonstrates the production history of the product—traceability and transparency—has become an important theme as well. For this reason, systems which can provide traceability have been designed, and businesses have begun to utilize them. Traceability for each grower can be provided by sorting and packaging product boxes per producer, by reading out measurement data, shipment date, market information, etc. from labels on products, and by adding cultivation information from the production stages.

List of Information Management Systems

Sorted Resalt Grosing up/Administration System


As a system expected to provide high operability and reliability, this system performs various tasks including totaling of sorting results for each grower, issuing breakdown slips of sorted produce, and outputting settlement data for growers and shippers.

Product Control/Management System


This system is for managing production performance through operation settings such as labeling, printing on boxed products, sorting by destination on the shipment line, and managing data of grade, volume, etc. Operations such as shipment of boxed products from the pool line, feeding of data such as for flat-placed product shipment or number of products for each destination, and issuing of product shipment slips for markets are done automatically.

Traceability System


This system can build a system which traces data by linking with sorted products information and production history information.

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Production Guidance Data Base


We support the enhancement of produce quality and the branding of the growing region by linking the information of each sorted item with the orchard/farm information and weather information.

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